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Welcome to our unique coverage of the trial of Colorado Theater Shooter, James Holmes. At the end of each day's court proceedings veteran crime and justice journalist Diane Dimond and legal expert Beth Karas will host a LIVE program. Beginning at 5:30 pm (Mtn. Time) they, and a rotating roundtable of experts will take citizen's questions and comments about the trial. It's like call-in talk radio ....only our callers are on live TV. Interested viewers call in via Skype to our dedicated address: TheaterTrial to be live on-the-air with the host. You can also click the Skype button below the video player. Join us, for this most important trial. We want to know your thoughts and answer your questions. We are television that doesn't just talk AT you, but WITH you.

Theater Trial will resume on Tuesday. Click HERE to book yourself for Theater Trial.

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